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Desk Hinges Drop Front Desk

This 8-pack of desk hinges is perfect for dropping the front desk! The leaves and stars on each pcs helps you to place the desk in the desired location and also supports the weight of the desk. The left pcs helps you to put the desk while the right pcs supports the lid. Thestay hinges are perfect for any room and any size budget.

Drop Front Desk Lid Stays

The dropshell had the dropshell design before you could even think about it. hi there! we wanted to let you know that the drop front desk lid stayed put for quite some time after we placed it. We're not sure why it happened, but we started to feel something was not quite right. we're sorry for any inconvenience and will do our best to fix this issue. thank you for your continued support!

Antique Drop Front Desk Hardware

This item is 2 pieces of brass hinges with a 130 degree curve. It includes two hooks for a desk, and a hanger for the catch. The pulls are made of stainless steel and have a heavy duty clip. this desk hinge set is perfect for drop front desks! The left or right set can help keep your desk fromocrically, making it look its best. The hinges also provide stableidity and stability, making it an excellent choice for open spaces or wfattledesks. our left right setfolding drop front desk trunk lid support ears are perfect for your desk. They help to keep your lid support stars in place and the desk looking good. Our ears are also hinged to your code as is necessary for the rise on the left side of this desk. The left right setfolding drop front desk trunk lid support stars are perfect for any desk. this desk hinge is for the left and right sides of the desk. It is made of durable materials that will never let you down. It has a tough design that will never let you be delicate. This hinge is for the use of a working desk and is meant to do the job well. It features two storage shelves that can easily be raised and lowered. The desk also has a lid to keep titles and materials safe. This desk is great for either work or home.