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Civil War Field Desk

This brass civil war desk is a great addition to your office. It is a great addition to any office that wants to keep all of their key moments and events in front of them. This desk also has a great feature - an antique fleur de lisinlay brass inlay. This inlay is a great way to add some luxury to your desk. This desk is a great value for the price you pay.

Cheap Civil War Field Desk

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Civil War Field Desk Walmart

This civil war desk is in great condition with no flaws. The inlay fleur de lis is very beautiful and the 19 x 11 desk is very sturdy. This will be a great addition to your house. this civil war desk is a great opportunity to protect yourself from harm. This desk is a great addition to your home and great value for your price range. This desk is a great gift for anyone interested in the history of your confederacy or the history of your america. this civil war desk is rocking the old-fashioned look. It is made out of brass inlay, and it is 19 x 11 inches. It is nice and sturdy, and it will help keep you organized and in front of your work items. Thefleur de lis trim even offers a nice layer of protection against wear and tear. this antique 19th c. Civil war era field desk is a great addition to any desk. The desk is antique brass inlay fleur de lis and is 19 x 11 inches. The desk has several uses including being a desk right gracing the right side of the desk. The desk is also a great place to store files and folders.