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Brass Desk Lamp

This brass desk lamp is perfect for any room that needs a touch of luxury. The working lamp features underwriters labs branding and is ideal foruse in design or as a touch-and-go desk accessory. This lamp is one of our latest and greatest productsand is sure to be a showpiece in your home office or home one night.

small vintage brass lamp

small vintage brass lamp

By Unbranded


Antique Brass Desk Lamp

Are you looking for a discontinued-but-still-useful desk lamp? well, then this is the one for you! This lamp is in great condition and is still very easy to operate. The desk is make of brass, so it will last long on her desk.

Cheap Brass Desk Lamp

This brass desk lamp is perfect for the home with your student group! The adjustable height makes it an ideal choice for those who are trying to keep things easy and achievable. this is a great brass desk lamp for a small home office or workspace. It has two armiest brass screws for security and a checkered undersplit in the middle. The light is excellent and very bright. It doesn't have any shades, so it's perfect for using while working on your work or watching a movie. this mid-century vintage brass desk lamp is a great option for those looking for a lamp that can be used for both professional and personal uses. The lamp is adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit your room's style and atmosphere. This lamp is also light-sufficient, making it a great choice for individuals who are seeking a more lightweight lamp alternative. this brass desk lamp is a great addition to your desk. The lamp is underwriters labs compatible and will light up when you correct the dust. The lamp is also lightweight so it's easy to take with you wherever you go.