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2 Person Desk

The 2 person desk is perfect for two people who need to share a computer desk. The desk has a l-shaped organiser that can easily be assigned to two different people. The table is high-quality oak with a hardwood finish, allowing for a high level of comfort and durability. The long table is also a great size for two people to work on.

Two Person Desk

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Double Desk

This rustic computer desk is perfect for those who want a little more space for their computer and materials. It has a two person handle and is made of weather-sealing plastic. It has a low quality for the price of what it is and is not well made. The desk is easy to clean and is a great addition to any room. this computer desk with drawers is perfect for two people. It has a brown look to it and is made to last. It has a strong build that is sure to last. It has a top-of-the-line computer desk tree and has now been replaced by a dual desk. This is a great way to keep your office clean and organized as well as making the work area more comfortable to work in. the double desks is a great way to keep your work area open and modern at the same time. This table desk has a l-shaped design that makes it perfect for both at-home or office use. The desk also has a monitor stand that makes it a perfect location for working from. this 88. 5 l-shaped reversible computer desk is great for two people. It can be converted into a table by adding a long table stand. The desk has metal legs and a comfortable design.